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GPX Track

The following examples shows four GPX tracks on a map.

Each track has a different color. All tracks have the same, default line width. But this could be changed per track. All tracks are shown initially but can be disabled in the layer switcher.

Plugin Settings

Difference Leaflet <-> OpenLayers

Please have a look at the same example with OpenLayers.

The visible differences are:

  • Leaflet shows a start and end marker icon. The icon and its styling cannot be influenced by ods_osm currently.

GPX file handling

The GPX tracks have been recorded with the "Stadtradeln" app. To reduce the size of the tracks, I used gpsbabel with the following command:

gpsbabel -i gpx -f recorded.gpx -x position,distance=5m -o gpx -F rad-2023-05-23.gpx